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Marc Anthony Hair Care at BeautyCon

I love every time I get to jump on a plane and call it "work" because of a beauty convention. Beautycon is always a fun one to go to and I met up my friends Marc Anthony there as well! But the highlight of my trip was that I got to see my two good friends Jasmine and Kelly. These are two people I connect with every time im in LA because they are those friends that you can go months without speaking to and then when I see them it's like no time has ever passed.

The first day I spent with Kelly and her kids just heading all around town - Ulta, Gen BBQ and just hanging out and catching up. This time I got to meet Kellys family and visit her home right before we snuck away to the mall to do some last minute shopping and girl-talk. Kelly is my friend that I can talk to about any of my problems or what's going on in my life and she doesn't judge me. All she does is just listens and makes me feel like Im at home. Every-time I see her months have passed and I have so much to update her on. So we will just sit in traffic and talk. We chat about our plans, our dreams and everything wrong in the world. Thats it. And that alone is worth the 6 hour flight to me. You can follow her at @makeupkelly to follow her!

The next day I spent with Jasmine - my crazy makeup obsessed friend that I absolutely love. I love spending time with her because we like the same things - makeup and good food. Shes one of those people that just make you laugh all the time because of how cute she is. She has a really quirky personality and is literally has the best vibe to be around. Every time Im with her I remember how obsessed I am about makeup and beauty. She has this thing about her that when she's around you you can truly feel how passionate she is about makeup and it inspires you. Every year I see her it seems like her makeup skills just keep getting better and better. You can follow her at @lovejaycakes to follow her crazy butt too!

Here are some photos from the weekend and pictures of my two special friends.


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