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How I transformed my Skin

I have been using Vivier since November and I have noticed drastic changes in how my skin looks. Its been 8 months of constant use of the following products:

GrenzCine Serum

GrenCine Eye

Retinol 1% Night Complex

When I was first introduced to the brand I was excited to meet with Skin Professionals at the Edelstien Clinic to fix all my skin concerns. I suffer from really dry skin and I made sure to make it a priority to target my skins brightness, redness and dryness. They helped me find the best products to help me with my skin concerns.

For the last 8 months I have used a bunch of products from the line however, my favourite is the GrenzCine Serum. I found that this really helped my skin with hydration and firmness. 

I also loved the Retinol !% Night Complex because it really helped with my dry skin. It contains Vitamin C, VitaminvE and Shea Butter and it left my skin feeling supple and drastically refined my pore size.

I enjoyed using the GrenzCine Eye serum because I was worried about aging around my eyes. I feel like it leaves the skin around my eyes plump and hydrated. Overall, it truly out performs most of my high-end eye creams.

Overall, Vivier has helped me with my skin concerns and left my skin looking plump, supple and bright. I will continue incorporating Viver into my skincare routine going forward

Visit for more details on the products and a full list of authorized clinics to visit for a skin care consultation, and online resellers.


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